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race relations today in america

2009-08-06 23:47:33 by framk20

Being bi-racial (mom white, and raised me, Dad black, and got the fuck out of my life before I was squeezed out of a vagina) it is very hard for me to know what race I truly represent. I have friends who are both black and white, and recently I moved to Hartford, CT. I... I can't express how different Hartford is from Saratoga Springs. Here's the Racial demographic as taken from -Springs-New-York.html:

* White Non-Hispanic (92.6%)
* Black (3.1%)
* Hispanic (1.9%)
* Two or more races (1.4%) <=========that's where i am
* American Indian (0.7%)
* Other race (0.6%)
and lets compare that to the Hartford demographic:

27.72% White, 38.05% Black or African American, 0.54% Native American, 1.62% Asian, 0.11% Pacific Islander, 26.51% from other races, and 5.44% from two or more races. 40.52% of the population were Hispanic or Latino, chiefly of Puerto Rican origin. 17.83% of the population classified itself as non-Hispanic White.

so you can see that I was suffering from extreme culture shock.
As it so happens I was so out of touch with black culture that I was put on the spot to act like Jay Z....
well as you may already have guessed I was too fucking out of touch so that I said (and i wish these words would have never came out) "who the hell is Jay Z"
I had just verbally anally raped me up the ass...

please comment and tell me your stories plz

okay people, so we need to tlk about some things
1. why the @%$# does guitar hero 3 PC not work on any friken PC!!!
2. what the hell is up with South Park?
3. why the hell did i make a blog, when i suck at casual talking?

these and moe questions will be answered now!!!!
ok, so you went on and bought that new guitar hero PC game you wanted so much. You wait 10 days for it, and then you get it, you rush to your computer, half naked and turn on your computer. Your shaky hnds put the disk in as a sort of orgasm of video-gameige is flowing through you. you load up the disk (which by the way takes forever) and hit the play button. loading... loading... fuck! the computer needs a better graphics chip!!!
this feeling of derad hs overcame buyers of the popular guitar hero frachize across the world. Why won't this game work? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!, but one thing I can tell you. FUCK RED OCTAINE!!!!! why would they make a game that only plays on a fuckin $2000 lap-top I borrowed from my cousin?? WHY DoES THE GUITAR HOOKUP NOT ALWAYS WORK? I plug it in and i was playing knights of cydonia, and my guitar fucked out on me.
I will continue this conversation later
know this, the government has you neo